Saturday, 30 November 2013

Accessorize stacking rings

Accessorize stacking rings - £12
I absolutely love thumb rings on other people but, as I have abormally skinny thumbs, I often find rings look silly on mine. I was so happy then when I found this silver stacking set in Accessorize the other week. They're not specifically thumb rings, but they come in four different sizes so it's easy to get them big enough to fit. They are three separate rings that look great as a set, but they can also be mixed up and worn on different fingers. I suppose this does increase my chance of losing one of them...but of course I am NOT going to do that, am I Essie?! The set was £12, which is pretty standard for Accessorize rings (£10.80 with student discount), and they have barely come off my thumb since!

I've been a good old 3rd year student recently and have been spending more time than is healthy in the Uni library but, now that December is practically here, it's most definitely time to focus on the best time of the year: Christmas!!! I watched my first Christmas film of the year yesterday (the hilarious 'Nativity'. Pleeeease watch it!!), Michael Bublé's singing Christmassy tunes in my ear wherever I go and the advent calender is set. December, here we come!! LETS GET FESTIVE!! :D

Essie x


  1. They look lovely, I've never really worn thumb rings before but these look worth it! xx

  2. theyre beautiful, my mum always thumb rings but i actually find them quite uncomfortable. they look gorge thhough x