Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Let's sit and make daisy chains in the rain

So I admit, the weather's been pretty lousy so far this summer and it's difficult not to just give up, throw the crop tops to the back of the wardrobe and get out the knitted jumpers again. Instead (and so that I don't just emigrate to Australia) I've come up with a simple plan - I'm going to fool myself into thinking that it's summer. I'm not talking hotpants in the rain or anything, but rather summery colours and smells to cheer up the mood... and maybe some sunnies perched on the head just in case the sun does decide to show its rosy face. 

 1.  Topshop  2. Topshop  3. John Lewis  4. Asos  5. Asos 6. Accessorize 
 7. Boots

Now, lilac is a colour that is hard to find in my wardrobe, but after seeing this Topshop polka dot shirt I want to rush out and fill my wardrobe with lilac beauties! Worn with vintage levi-esque jeans (I would turn the bottoms up if it's warm enough to show some ankle), cream loafers (these ones are only £18!!), some retro glasses and a touch of lilac on the nails I think that this outfit sings summer. However, there's not too much flesh showing just in case it is a little chilly, and you could easily throw on a cream cardie or a light jumper with the collar poking out for some extra warmth. Along with the gorgeous scent of Lily Flame's Daisy Dip candle, maybe we can wake the sun up from its slumber and remind it that it IS summer right now... please come and shine for us!!  

Essie x