Saturday, 13 July 2013

My bikini buys

As I start to think about packing for holiday, (I haven't quite got round to actually packing yet, but surely thinking about it is a good start...?) I thought that I'd do a quick post to show you my new bikinis. I would love to write about how I went for purely monochrome swimwear because I think that it creates a great contrast with their typically tropical environment, but that would just be a lie. The truth is that I came home after a li'l session in London, took a look at what I had bought and realised that it was all black, white and grey. Whoopsie! To be fair, this was before the weather had picked up so maybe that had an influence on me? Anyhow, that aside I'm actually very happy with what I ended up with and can't wait to test them out in Egypt (two days eeeek!!)

Grey Bikini Top: H&M (£12.99) / Grey Bikini Bottoms: H&M (£7.99) / Black Bikini Top: Topshop (£13) / Striped Bikini Bottoms: Topshop (£12)
As you can see, I'm a big fan of structured bikini tops. I think that swimwear is very much an each to their own situation but I prefer a bikini top to give me a bit of shape and still make me feel 'safe', if you know what I mean :) They're also great for minimum tan lines as they stay put when you undo the halterneck straps and, as they're 'bra-shaped', your tan lines should never be visible once you're fully dressed. I bought the Topshop set separately and it came to £25. I love a mismatched bikini and I've also already got some black Primark bottoms that I could wear with the top, so in a way I got two bikinis for one! I wasn't as keen on the colour of the H&M set (although keener on the price as it was £17.98), but the shape is so lovely and flattering that I was totally swayed once I tried it on, and grey's hardly offensive is it?

What do you like to wear around the poolside? Do you stick with bikinis or would you rather a swimsuit? I'm always so tempted by swimsuits and think that high waisted bikini bottoms are gorgeous but I get worried about strange tan lines. I'd love to hear what you think :)

Essie x


  1. I went for a coral bikini and a mint coloured bikini this summer. I have a really cute swimsuit but didn't wear it on my holiday, because I was so scared I would get strange tan marks haha. I like your monochrome bikinis though, black and white are the best to show off a tan (I think anyway).

    You have a really nice blog :)

    1. Ooh coral and mint sounds gorgeous! I find bikini shopping so tricky. I definitely think that I look for the shape/ style over colour (hence the fact that I ended up with no colour haha). Ooh swimsuits are so tricky but so cute! Thanks so much, your blogs lovely too :)

  2. Love the bikinis! I usually go for a simpek black one or one with floral print :)

    1. Thank you! I always think you can't go wrong with black can you? Floral is lovely too xx